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Spacetime Engineering & Harnessing Zero-point Energy of the Quantum Vacuum

By: William Brown, scientist at the Resonance Science Foundation

The vacuum holds the key to a full understanding of the forces of nature.” P.C.W. Davies, Superforce (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1985). P.104

It is an interesting development that zero-point energy has come to be associated with mad scientists and crazy inventors, when in fact it is the absolute basis of quantum mechanics, and modern quantum theory has its earliest inception in the discovery of the very real and constitutive zero-point energy of material systems. Because material systems are just patterned excitations of underlying quantum fields, the zero-point energy applies equally to the vacuum state of these quantum fields and there is an ever-present zero-point field. It is also interesting that despite being over a century old, quantum mechanics seems to be regarded by many as an advanced, even cutting-edge theory; perhaps because despite being an old and even a provisional theory that will...

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Warp Field Mechanics of the Dynamic Vacuum

By biophysicist William Brown, research scientist at RSF

Crawl-walk-run. This is the motto of Harold "Sonny" White— former director at NASA's Eagleworks division for advanced propulsion physics research— to put into perspective the proper technological progression required for developing a warp drive. True to this grounded perspective on how a remarkable civilization-changing technology can become a reality, Dr. White has published empirical simulation data of a nanometer scale warp bubble— a spacetime geometry that enables novel propulsion via gravitational control— that albeit too small for practical applications of propulsion, is experimental indication that the energy density requirements for a warp drive are technologically feasible.  

This is an important demonstration, as a common objection to warp drive technology—and even the use of wormholes—is the seeming requirement for negative energy densities, which many physicists...

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