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Chemistry at 10‚ÄČK

By: William Brown, Biophysicist at the Resonance Science Foundation

In our unification model The Unified Spacememory Network: from cosmogenesis to consciousness [1], we introduce the idea of universal biogenesis, in which we highlight the observation that the universe is not only optimally biophilic—with the constants of nature set within an optimal range for complex states of matter, like the living system, to exist— but that the negentropic ordering dynamics of the universal spacememory network are such that states driving biogenesis will be found ubiquitously throughout the universe. As such, a primary prediction from the model is that wherever in the universe conditions are conducive to organic chemical processes, there is a good probability of finding life, and therefore we should expect to find life on many exoplanets and moons throughout the universe. 

Even before the Unified Spacememory Network it was known that the basic ingredients for the living system...

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