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Anomalous Hall effect in Antiferromagnetic Crystal May Enable Computation with Atomic Spin

By: William Brown, Biophysicist at the Resonance Science Foundation

Digital Computations are based on the ability to read, write, and erase an on/off state in a material, representing the ‘0’ and ‘1’ of binary data. In today’s integrated circuits, this is achieved via transistors, which are semiconductor materials— like silicon or germanium (tetrahedral elements)— that can switch electrical signals to an “on” or “off” state and therefore function as the binary state, or logic gate in a digital computation.

In this way, the metal-oxide-silicon transistors in integrated circuits forms the memory cells of the chips, and because of the relative ease of fabrication, scalability, and low-power consumption such chips are found in nearly all digital electronic devices, from smartphones to TVs. The civilization-scale effect of this functional material with easily controlled binary state cannot be overstated, as even...

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