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Warp Field Mechanics of the Dynamic Vacuum

By biophysicist William Brown, research scientist at RSF

Crawl-walk-run. This is the motto of Harold "Sonny" White— former director at NASA's Eagleworks division for advanced propulsion physics research— to put into perspective the proper technological progression required for developing a warp drive. True to this grounded perspective on how a remarkable civilization-changing technology can become a reality, Dr. White has published empirical simulation data of a nanometer scale warp bubble— a spacetime geometry that enables novel propulsion via gravitational control— that albeit too small for practical applications of propulsion, is experimental indication that the energy density requirements for a warp drive are technologically feasible.  

This is an important demonstration, as a common objection to warp drive technology—and even the use of wormholes—is the seeming requirement for negative energy densities, which many physicists...

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