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Quantum Simulator Reveals New State of Matter Possible with Topological Spin Liquids

By Resonance Science Foundation biophysicist William Brown

Quantum spin liquids are exotic phases of matter that offer potential applications in robust quantum information processing with topological qubits. Quantum spin liquids are a phase of matter that feature long-range quantum entanglement involving the magnetic dipoles, or spin, of electrons. Unlike in conventional magnets where the magnetic dipoles of electrons all align and freeze into place, electrons in this new exotic phase are constantly changing and fluctuating like a liquid— leading to one of the most entangled states of matter ever conceived. 

Until recent investigations it was unknown if such a highly quantum correlated magnetic state could be realized in an actual physical system. Now, using a 219-atom programmable quantum simulator a team of Harvard researchers have shown that quantum matter and protected quantum information processing are possible with topological spin liquids. Their findings are discussed in the study probing topological spin liquids on a programmable quantum simulator

The special state of matter has potential applications in quantum computational technologies and even possibly high-temperature superconductors that will enable significant advancements in magnetic levitation technologies and highly efficient energy transmission. The work is of interest to Resonance Science Foundation researchers as the quantum spin liquid phase is very similar to the quantum vacuum plasma described by physicist Nassim Haramein, in which the elucidation of such highly coherent bosonic phases has brought advancements in the understanding of quantum gravity, the fundamental forces, and the origin of the properties of all organized matter. 

To read more about quantum spin liquids and the work performed by the Harvard Quantum Initiative, visit: Step in quest for quantum computing.


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