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The Generalized Holographic Model, Part II: Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass Solution

Image credit: Shutterstock

By Dr. Inés Urdaneta, Physicist at Resonance Science Foundation

In the former article entitled The Generalized Holographic Model, Part I: The Holographic Principle, we introduced the holographic principle as developed by David Bohm, Gerard 't Hooft, Jacob Bekenstein and Stephen Hawking. This principle states that the information contained in the volume of a Black hole is holographically present in the boundary or event horizon of the black hole. We then introduced the generalization of such principle by Nassim Haramein, where he includes the volume information or degrees of freedom in the volume as well. This generalization allows to define a holographic ratio that accounts for the surface-to-volume entropy or information potential transfer, which is a steady state or thermodynamical equilibrium, equivalent to a kinetic rate constant.  

In this second part we will see why Haramein’s generalized holographic approach gives a quantized...

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