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Dr. Inés Urdaneta is a physicist in the domain of light-matter interaction at the atomic, molecular and solid-state scales. Before joining the Resonance Science Foundation, she was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Paris 11 and University of Paris 6. Prior to this, she was a visiting professor at BUAP (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla) in Mexico.

She completed her undergraduate studies and master’s degree in chemistry at USB (Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela), and obtained her PhD in Physics at the University of Paris 11, on the topic of laser assisted electronic transport in nanojunctions.
Her research experience includes photo activity and optical response of atoms, molecules and metal oxide nanoparticles, electronic transport and charge transfer in nanojunctions, quantum optics, Lie algebraic methods and quantum chemistry calculations.

Along with the Resonance science team, Dr Urdaneta focuses on developing physical-chemical models in the frame of the holographic model and unification theory. She also develops research on quantum information processes and their connection to black holes and to proto-consciousness.

Research interests: light-matter interaction, quantum information theory, unification theory, quantum gravity, consciousness.

Ines Urdaneta