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Results of Experiment Reveals that our Understanding of Electrochemistry is Incomplete

By: William Brown, Biophysicist at the Resonance Science Foundation

Textbooks on electrochemistry are due for an update with the results of a recent study of fuel cells measuring the ion activity around an electrode in a salt solution [1]. There is a classical 100-year-old theory that describes what is thought to be the distribution of ions around such an electrode, at the interface with the electrolyte, where the charge of the electrode attracts ions from the solution and forms what is called an electrical double layer—ions of opposite charge from the electrode crowd around its surface, forming a structure of charges at the interfacial layer.

Gaining a more complete understanding of electrochemistry will be salient to important forms of energy storage and production, like those utilizing fuel cells.

Understanding the molecular structure of the electrode–electrolyte interface is essential in elucidating many interfacial electrochemical phenomena such as corrosion,...

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