The Shakespeare Equations

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Alan Green


Join Alan Green in this fascinating online course as he shines a piercing light on one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries with profound implications for us today.


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The Shakespeare Game

The question isn’t “who was Shakespeare?”. It’s “what was he?”. Or "they"...
William Shakespeare Puzzle
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The real author/s of Shakespeare’s works left behind an elegant web of clues revealing advanced knowledge of mathematics and physics centuries ahead of their time; the esoteric truths of the Great Pyramid; and the secret locations of some of history’s most sought after artifacts.

The greatest writer ever was a deliberate puzzle… a brilliant trap set to lure us into the most intricate, mind-blowing Game ever devised!

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The most famous writer in history never wrote a letter to anyone. Not a play, a poem, a page or even a line exists in Shakespeare’s own hand! No contemporary evidence proves anyone even saw the Stratford man in London during his 25-year career as the most celebrated playwright in the world.

The true writer(s) hid their advanced knowledge and secret identities in multiple layers of codes — left in plain sight for centuries carved into stone relics, fading on parchments in museums, and printed within the world’s most famous works of literature... waiting, silently, for us to recognize them.

By hiding anonymously behind the mask of a seemingly unqualified individual, the true writer(s) were inviting us to play a game of discovery. A perfect metaphor for discovering our own true identity behind the mask of temporary delusion we wear here on earth. The Shakespeare Game is the culmination of Alan’s more than seventeen years' devotion to solving literature's greatest mystery.



In The Shakespeare Game online course you’ll be guided through what’s known as a Knight’s Tour, during which you’ll experience the thrill of solving many of these sacred codes yourself and be privy to new discoveries Alan has never before revealed.

You'll be given one video for each square on the board and within each video there are coded clues to solve, based on what you’ve learned in the course thus far. After every fourth knight’s move you complete you'll receive a free chapter of Alan’s yet-to-be-published novel, Under A Shakespeare Moon.

As with any good game the clues start out easy but get tougher the deeper down the rabbit hole you go. However, no special skills are required, everybody learns the right answers and everybody wins. Just enjoy the codes and this remarkable true story as it unfolds!

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A Chance To Be There When The Altar Stone Is Opened!

In 2011 Alan covertly radar scanned the Holy of Holies altar stone to secure scientific proof that his deciphering of the Shakespeare codes was correct.

The proof was stunning... the Bard has left something inside the 3-ton marble stone for posterity!

As a special limited-time bonus available only to Resonance Academy participants, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a trip to England to witness history in the making - a front-row pew at the opening of the Altar stone in the church where the fake "Shakespeare" is buried.

*DisclaimerWe can’t predict if/when the opening of the Altar will take place, but as the true Shakespeare story gets more and more attention, public pressure will inevitably build for the church to do the right thing.

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William Shakespeare Puzzle


  • Why is there a question about who Shakespeare was? And why should we care?
  • History of the Shakespeare mystery and the Stratford story.
  • Why is there such resistance in academia to questioning the official story?
  • Hermetic clues and esoteric secrets in the works indicate Shakespeare was a Freemason.
  • Suspicion surrounds birthdate of the Stratford man, whose name was actually ‘Shaksper’.
  • Codes abound in the Stratford church where the Bard is supposedly buried.
  • Why are there so many Biblical connections? And a repetitive obsession with Solomon’s Temple?
  • John Dee’s Enochian Tables: the Rosetta Stone for decrypting the Shakespeare subterfuge.
  • Alan secretly radar scans the Holy of Holies Altar in Stratford, proving the authenticity of the codes.
  • Why the Stratford gate-keepers don’t want anyone to know the truth behind the cover-up.
William Shakespeare Puzzle


  • Advanced knowledge of mathematics and geometry in the Sonnets cover.
  • Repeated Great Pyramid references and Rosicrucian/Knights Templar clues reveal a deeper story.
  • Dee’s encrypted clues indicate they knew the Speed of Light and advanced math constants centuries before the ‘modern world’ discovered them.
  • Alan discovers Newton's long-sought Universal Constant of Measure is hidden within the fundamental geometry of the Great Pyramid.
  • The math extends to the plays... and all the wrong page numbers in Shakespeare's First Folio turn out to be a brilliant web of codes.
  • Many other contemporary writers, in on the subterfuge, also left coded clues as bread-crumbs in the forest of this massive cover-up.
  • Hebrew Kabbalah and Islamic mathematics in the plays. What is the message?
  • Can Stratford be persuaded to see the advantages of opening the Altar?
  • Will 1.2 billion Catholics insist the church re-consecrate the desecrated Altar and reveal the truth?
  • What are the religious ramifications for the church today? And for worshipers?
William Shakespeare Puzzle


  • The Sonnets structure mimics the Great Pyramid and the Horus Eye myth.
  • Alan’s Pyramid discoveries (derived from the Shakespeare research) connect with Nassim Haramein’s theories and Robert Edward Grant’s math. The Dalai Lama invites them all to a private lunch in India!
  • Shakespeare’s Science/Art Scripture: an alchemical magnum opus with profound teachings for mankind.
  • Codes in other historical documents point to the cover-up… and Princess Diana’s secret royal bloodline!
  • The Francis Bacon / John Dee / Edward de Vere / Henry Wriothesley mystery.
  • Dee’s Enochian Tables system was used to leave ciphers in the King James Bible engravings, proving at last that “Shakespeare” was in charge of the KJV translations.
  • The King James Ciphers have implications for modern-day politics, religion, war and (maybe even) Middle East peace.
William Shakespeare Puzzle


  • The Old Testament Engraving: perfectly combined crosses point to “Ark of the Covenant”; “Hidden In A Church”; and a deeper Solomon’s Temple story. Must this remain a secret?
  • The New Testament Engraving: hints of the Ethiopia legend and duplicate Arks.
  • A massacre in Ethiopia at the church purportedly housing the Ark: “coincidental” timing with Alan’s KJV discoveries?
  • The KJV engravings continue to shine light on Divine answers whilst prompting darker questions.
  • The true location of the original Solomon’s Temple is clarified by Shakespeare in the King James Ciphers.
  • A moral dilemma: what are we to do with what these codes are so clearly telling us?
  • Were the "Shakespeare" authors prophets? And are we their modern-day Templar messengers? Or guardians of what must remain an eternal secret?

Watch the recordings and move through the material at your own pace. Your registration provides you lifetime access to the library where you will find all the course material and any other additional resources.

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“Doubt has fueled this controversy from the start. And doubt must always be resolved or it festers like a cancer and does neither side any good. So we’re going to take the healthy, scientific approach and rigorously investigate the clues we’ve unearthed…” —

The Holy Trinity Solution, Book 1, page. 97


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Alan Green
Adam Apollo

Alan Green is a British-born, classically-trained pianist, composer, author, educator, and Shakespeare Authorship expert.

In an earlier incarnation (the 70’s and 80’s) he was signed to five major record labels including Arista Records, ABC, and CBS (with whom he had a top thirty hit, I Surrender, under the pseudonym, Arlan Day, in 1981). He later became musical director for Davy Jones of The Monkees for several years and co-author with Jones of two best-selling, award-winning books, They Made A Monkee Out Of Me and Mutant Monkees.

In his ‘current incarnation’ however, Green has found his true vocation — revealing to the world utterly unsuspected mathematical and geometric secrets behind the Shakespeare mystery. His first academic offering, Dee-Coding Shakespeare, (2016), detailed the role of Dr. John Dee, alchemist, court astrologer, and leading mathematician/cryptographer of the age, in the greatest literary cover-up of all time.

His most recent offerings (from 2016 to 2020) have bridged the worlds of Nassim Haramein and Robert Edward Grant to show that the Bard was far more than the world has ever suspected. So stay tuned. The greatest story Shakespeare ever wrote… is yet to be told!

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