The Sacred Science of Ancient Temples


A Resonance Academy Course from Faculty Member

Dr. Lydia Gian de León


A journey into Earth's fields, Natural Geometry, Archeoastronomy and Sacred Space

The Sacred Science of

Ancient Temples

by Dr. Lydia Gian. de León

"Since I was very young, I was always fascinated by Ancient Temples... They looked this mysterious being, with so much to say, that I couldn't yet understand. I loved geometry, woven patterns, tesselation, geodesy, and the power of location and building space. Born in Greece, there is such an abundance of Monuments that mesmerized me...
I always felt very influenced by an environment, and soon realized that I had a deep sensitivity which led to either being empowered or weakened by a space.
I had big questions around this matter, and no matter what books I read, I didn't feel satisfied. I felt deep inside that there is more to it, there is a complex science that describes it, along with the power of symbols, geometry, and location that is directly linked with Temples."

Teotihuacan and the Moon
Course Overview

From the ancient past to modern times, humans have been experimenting with various architectural approaches to build their temples, according to the era, the specific functions and their own perception.

Nowadays, in spite of all the technological evolution and tools in our hands, there are still so many unanswered questions regarding the use and purpose of ancient temples and megalithic monuments:

  • How where they built, why were they built at locations with specific properties and with the use of particular material?
  • What is sacred geometry and why was it incorporated in the design of ancient temples?
  • Why did the ancient people and later mystics and masons spend so much time, energy and resources to build these structures?
  • Was it merely for divine worship or were there other functions more complex in nature?

Consider this...


"Looking through the three elements of Temple creation - Earth Link, Building Design, Sky Connection- it becomes clearer that Temples were a complex technology used for various functions. They were an investment for peoples' well-being. "

- Dr. Lydia Gian. de León

The scope of this elective is to understand deeper the design and function of temples through the lenses of cutting edge science, so we can reestablish a relationship with them in another level, not necessarily connected to religion.

We will explore the three main elements important for creating “sacred space” in Ancient Temples:

  1. Earth Link,
  2. Building Design,
  3. Sky Connection.


Dr. Lydia de Leon

We will go through the various geophysical parameters of earth radiation, explore various ancient monuments such as mounds, megaliths, pyramids, stone circles, and ancient Greek temples.

We will look into details the building design, including shape, proportion, geometry, as well as specially selected building materials.

We will understand the relationship of the placement and layout of these Ancient Temples with regards to the sky and the various astronomical relationships, and why it was of such importance.

Finally, we will go through the ways biology interacts with electromagnetic fields, what is the basic parameter to induce positive and negative effects, and approach the scientific functions of such incredible structures all around the world. 

When you buy this course you will be part of an online community on facebook just for the participants, where you can interact, discuss subjects and ask Dr. Lydia questions directly! The link to the private Facebook group is located in the introductory module of the course. 

Course Outline


  • Welcome
  • Many Questions...
  • Deep Dive Session with Dr. Lydia

Module 1: Earth Link: Geophysical Anomalies and Relation to Temples

  • Lesson 1: Earth Grids and Geobiology
  • Lesson 2: What are geophysical anomalies?
  • Lesson 3: Evidence of geophysical anomalies in Temples

Module 2: Building Design: Geometry and Material Properties of Temples

  • Lesson 1: Geometry, Form, and Shape
  • Lesson 2: Building body and Material properties
  • Lesson 3: Dimension and Measurement


Module 3 - Functions of Temples and Modern Applications

  • Lesson 1: What is Archeoastronomy ?
  • Lesson 2: Astronomical Relations in Temples
  • Lesson 3: Scalar Waves

Module 4: Functions of Temples and Modern Applications

  • Lesson 1: Bioelectromagnetism
  • Lesson 2: Hormesis
  • Lesson 3: Healing Technology
  • Lesson 4: Altered States of Consciousness
  • Lesson 5: Seed Growth Enhancement
  • Lesson 6: Energy Generation
  • Lesson 7: Modern Applications




Teotihuacan, Resonance Science Foundation Mexico Expedition - 2019
Teotihuacan, Resonance Science Foundation Mexico Expedition - 2019
Teotihuacan, Resonance Science Foundation Mexico Expedition - 2019

Lifetime Access $198


What is Sacred GeometryIncludes access to all 4 Modules

PLUS three 1-hour presentations with Dr. Lydia de León

Having decoded the main pillars of their Temple design allows us to re-create this technology in modern spaces. We spend more than 90% of our time inside buildings!


We are not just matter...


"A way we found to recreate Temple technology is through the Science of Space Harmonics at Geophilia, designing spaces to support health, well-being and transformation.”

— Dr. Lydia de León

Adam Apollo
Adam Apollo

is a Holistic Architect and Wellness Coach, with a focus on the relation of buildings on health and well-being.

She holds a Ph.D. in Physiology on the effect on geophysical anomalies on biology and has published in peer-review journals and conferences, as well as an MSc in Sustainable Environmental Design.  

She has been researching for 15 years the relation of ancient temples and their location, and she the author of the book "The Power of Sacred Location".

She is actively researching Temples around the world through a research project that she has put together, including a team of Professors and Scientists from various background. She is also  collaborating with Nassim Haramein on this research.

She is the creator of Healing Architecture and co-founder of Geophilia Institute, where along with her husband Arturo Ponce de Leon they have developped the Science of Space Harmonics®.

A personal story...

What brought me into researching Ancient Temples?

And why it it important for you?

Find out and more!


Dr. Lydia with Nassim Haramein

from Nassim Haramein :

"Since the first time Lydia contacted me years ago, I found her Ph.D. and research on geophysical anomalies and their effect on biology very interesting. The implications of her research and the measurements that her and her team are doing across the world in various natural sites and ancient monuments has a potential to have a significant impact in our understanding of biological systems relative to the geomagnetic dynamics of our planet and even to its impact on levels of awareness."

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This information is very special … it makes me feel so at home Listening to you speak Lydia, is very peaceful and great visuals to grasp within our temples and others. Deep Gratitude

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What a privilege!!! Mind -blowing information and practical methods of connection with the resonance fields of these temples. Thanks Lydia

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Tears of remembrance…  your words felt to me like I was coming home. Beautiful and necessary information to remind us of the Temple that I AM WE ARE. Thank you so much!

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