Speaking Engagement Request

Thank you for your interest in requesting Nassim Haramein for a speaking engagement or public appearance. We greatly appreciate your support and interest in this work! To help streamline the process we have put together a simple form to assist us in responding to your request in an efficient and timely manner. Please fill out the form completely and accurately. The more details you can provide the better equipped we will be to respond.

We receive numerous requests and apologize in advance that not all requests can be accommodated. If we are able to schedule Nassim Haramein or one of our Research Faculty for your event, please note that there is a customary speaker fee required as well as travel and expenses coverage. Please contact us for specifics.

When able please provide links to any websites, videos, information, etc. about the venue.

"In order to be self-aware, you have to have feedback. Consciousness is a feedback between the external world and the internal world. That’s fundamental to ALL things.”

- Nassim Haramein