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Big Questions

Elective Overview

Big Questions: Resolving the Hard Problems of Science is a Resonance Academy elective course exploring the unified physics of fundamental principles engendering universal order, synergistic organization and coherent evolution and development of the Connected Universe.

This course examines some of the most basic elements of a physics of reality, such as space, information and time, and will explain how intricate complexity, organizational synergy and dynamic evolving systems can emerge from simple principles.

Elective Outline

  • Each lesson includes written material, recorded video lessons & Q&A sessions
  • Elective also includes two recorded video breakout group sessions.

Lesson I: The Unified Spacememory Network

  • Topic 1: Introduction
  • Topic 2:  Space
  • Topic 3: Space: Structure and Substance
  • Topic 4: Information
  • Topic 5: Information and Emergence
  • Topic 6: Entropy and Holofractal Infodynamics
  • Topic 7: Biogenesis: The rise of Complexity

Lesson II: Time and Morphogenesis | The Entanglement Nexus of the Spacememory Network

  • Topic 1: Introduction
  • Topic 2: From Cosmogenesis to Consciousness
  • Topic 3: Cosmogenesis: The Rise of Structure
  • Topic 4: Ordering Dynamics of the Universal Spacememory Field
  • Topic 5: Summary

Lesson III: The Cellular Hologramic Information Nexus | Sentience and Memory Encoding in Cellular and Macromolecular Systems

  • Topic 1: Introduction
  • Topic 2: Redefining the Source of Agency and Volition: Sentience in the Living Organism
  • Topic 3: Inner-space: Worlds within Worlds
  • Topic 4: Hologramic Information Nexus at the Tissue and Organismal Level
  • Topic 5: Evolutionary Development and Trans-Temporal Molecular Communication via the Spacememory Network

Lesson IV: Sentience in the Living Universe | The Entanglement Nexus of Awareness

  • Topic 1: Introduction
  • Topic 2: Emergentism vs Panpsychism
  • Topic 3: The Entanglement Nexus of Awareness
  • Topic 4: Big Questions Epilogue