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María Carolina Brühl Rojas, is a member of the Resonance Science Foundation Research Team. Along with Nassim Haramein, she has been to 3 scientific events as a speaker: 2 times in Sweden (Tylösand 2017, Stockholm 2018) and in Monaco (Monte Carlo 2018). Her first scientific expedition as an Astronomer of the Resonance Science Foundation was in November 2019 in Mexico. On her own initiative and with the prior authorization of Nassim, she translated the Unified Science Course into Spanish.

With a vast experience of 21 years in the field of Astronomy, María Carolina is a renowned Colombian scientific disseminator who has dedicated a large part of her life to promoting Science and Astronomy in national and international levels.

Thanks to her work and dedication, she has managed to obtain notable recognitions in her field of action, including:

  • Title as the First Woman to Lead an Astronomical Observatory in Latin America.
  • Interview: El Tiempo newspaper, Bogotá, Colombia. Director of the Astronomical Observatory of the Istituzione Leonardo da Vinci is the woman who fell in love with heaven. The grand universe, with its planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulae, is its reason for living. October 9, 2009.
  • Recognition at the International Congress of Astronomy - Chile 2009, for her remarkable work as an Astronomer in Latin America.

María Carolina has excelled in the management of astronomical projects in various scientific, educational and cultural entities, being a promoter and director in the creation of astronomy courses, astronomy groups, extracurricular and electives of astronomy in universities, schools, cultural centers and homes for the elderly.

She is also a member of different astronomical and related entities, some of them are:

  • ASASAC - Asociación Colombiana de Astronomía (Colombian Astronomy Association)
  • RAC -Red de Astronomía de Colombia (Colombia Astronomy Network)
  • AASWomen - American Astronomical Society - Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy
  • REDESPA -Red Española de Planetología y Astrobiología (Spanish Network of Planetology and Astrobiology )
  • Nodo Andino de Astronomía (Andean Astronomy Node)
  • AC - Instituto de Astrobiología de Colombia (Institute of Astrobiology of Colombia )

Throughout her career, she has participated in various congresses and astronomical events, some of them are:

  • SETI CHILE - Cycle of Astronomy Talks. The power of women in astronomical dissemination. February 21, 2011.
  • XIII International Congress of Astronomy - CIAA November 2010, Vicuña, IV Region, Chile: Keynote Talk: "Women in the History of Astronomy". Part 1 of 6:
  • XII Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Meeting - Conference: Women in the scientific world. November 2011.
  • Astronomy Festival in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. Every year from 2001 to the present.
  • Campus Party Colombia, Astronomy Area - Guest Lecturer. June 2008.
  • Red de Astronomía de Colombia - RAC. - Invited lecturer - Congresses years: 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Being an excellent lecturer and scientific dissemination, she is part of several astronomical groups around the world and has been a collaborator and virtual editor in different radio programs and magazines in Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Spain.

In the midst of her occupations, María Carolina has taken different seminars and refresher courses:

  • The Quantum Universe. Association of Graduates Universidad de los Andes, December 2013.
  • Einstein's Relativistic Universe. Graduate Association Universidad de los Andes, September 2012.
  • Stars, Nebulae and Galaxies: Practical Astronomy. Universidad de los Andes, October 2007.
  • Digital Planetarium Management: Evans & Southerland. Cafam, November 2007.

María Carolina has studies in Civil Engineering. She speaks Spanish, Italian, English, is fluent in French 50% and has Swedish skills. She is an expert in observing the sky and is co-author of the book: El Engaño de las Estrellas.