Fractal Anatomy & The Geometry of Healing

A Resonance Academy Course from

Meredith Sands Keator

Where geometry, your body, and new physics meet a new healing potential.

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Fractal Anatomy
& The Geometry of Healing

by Meredith Sands Keator


"Your wisdom and artistry is a critical gift for the empowerment of other healers and for the healing of humanity at this epic time".                

Foster Gamble:

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This extensive program is a powerhouse of information for those with an interest in Sacred Geometry and who want to know its practical applications. Enticing for sacred geometry enthusiasts, those interested in health and healing for themselves, as well as practitioners of the healing arts.

This level of information on the body and geometry has never been seen before.


A thorough study of geometry and the body, where past meets present, and the study of health meets a new horizon..

Level One for Geometry Enthusiasts 
Level Two for the Deeper Body Dive

Level One is designed for anyone with a body who wants to understand the ABCs of geometry, the Flower of Life, Pi, Phi, Fibonacci, the five Platonic solids, and more. Level One draws you into the realm of geometry from the stars into the chakras. It looks at fractals from a beginner level, and further into their relationship to anatomy. 

Level Two is for those who want to know even more about what this has to do with their body and health beyond the basics. Level Two will take you into the realm of Meridians, Dantien and more, while exercise videos take you into your body where fractals and anatomy relate, and release. 

Course Outline

Level One

Girl in a jacketIntroduction What you need to know to start this journey.

What is Sacred GeometryWhat is "Sacred Geometry"? Geometry in nature; medical examples; Western concepts of energy and the electro-magnetic spectrum.

Building BlocksThe Building Blocks: Pi, Phi and Fibonacci; The five Platonic solids; Five Elements of Chinese Medicine; Pythia and Pythagoras.

Chakras and PlanetsChakras and Planets: Sanskrit texts and what they really say; what singularities in physics are and how this explains Chakras today.

Physics and ChakrasPhysics and Chakras: a dive that lays out the basics of what we understand in physics today and how fractal things really are.

Fractals and Fractal AnatomyFractals and Fractal Anatomy: Patterns that repeat themselves at different scales have changed our world, and our Anatomy. 

How to use this for yourselfHow to use this on yourself: Begin the inner journey of what Fractals mean to your own body, the alleviation of tension and pain syndromes, and deeper access to your inner guidance and creativity. 


Level Two

Meridians and NadisMeridians and Nadis: What they are and how they relate to understanding your body better.
Three Centers: Dan TienThree Vertical Lines: Eastern wisdom, Western knowledge; Ida, Pingala, Sushumna; Kundalini theory and stories.

Three Vertical lines: Nadis of AyurvedaThree Core Centers: Medieval philosophy; current medicine; sexuality and the three Dantiens.

Horizontal FlowHorizontal Flow: Japanese Shiatsu energetics; Wilhelm Reich and the function of the orgasm.

Kabbalah and the Kabbalic StarKabbalah and Kundalini: Bringing geometry together; ancient wisdoms hidden within cosmological patterning.

How to use this informationHow to use this information: Somatic Stretch; fractal means of working with yourself; guidelines for therapists who work with the body.


All lessons consist of video, written and audio components to merge the analytical and logical left brain with the intuitive right brain, for accelerated learning.  

Watch the recordings and move through the material at your own pace. Your registration provides you lifetime access to the course content where you will find all the course material, additional learning resources and a forum where you can add questions and comments and connect with others participating in this course.

How is the program laid out?

How long is it? What can I expect from this course?


This informative and accessible online program is for all levels of seekers and practitioners. It includes embodiment practices and a variety of rich media to stimulate a full spectrum of learning needs. Buy one or both levels at this incredibly low price for the value that's offered.
*Level Two can only be seen after Level One*

You can:

1) Buy only Level One: for geometry enthusiasts who want the theory and how it relates to the body. 

2) Buy both levels: dive deeper into the body and the weave of Eastern to Western concepts. You cannot purchase Level Two without the pre-requisite of Level One. 





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"Geometry is the key... Where your mind meets matter, and your body meets the cosmos." - Meredith Sands Keator

"WOW — finally someone is speaking in the language I love, and crave, and hardly find in the world. I have been studying all these concepts as well, but you have made a connection, found a secret, and created a method to put those concepts to use for humanity in the NOW." 
~ student testimonial

Quick Glimpse

Introduction to Fractal Anatomy &
the Geometry of Healing

What is the program about? Who is it for? What will you learn?


What is "Sacred Geometry"?
Here's a sample of one of the introductory videos in the course


"If you have a body, you are the best healer that you know." - Meredith Sands Keator

Meredith Sands Keator
Meredith Sands Keator

Trained in Shiatsu and Acupuncture in the early 90’s, Meredith teaches accelerated healing skills to Somatic therapists of all modalities to increase treatment results through more direct access to the nervous system.

A pioneer in the field of Eastern and Western integrative sciences, she has developed Neural Resonance Therapy®, a therapeutic approach to the nervous system viewed as frequency, and how that frequency is better understood and accessed through a lens of geometry.

Working within the company of cutting edge healers, physicists and cosmologists, Meredith has unearthed an understanding of geometric precision in the body that appears to mirror the information we are currently witnessing in the universe on a fractal and holographic level.

Her research in this field since 1996 has taken her to many parts of the globe, where she meets, learns and shares the work of remarkable practitioners and teachers from different modalities and cultures. 

Pursuing a strong collective within the healing arts to raise awareness around the integration of alternative and allopathic practices is her life’s work.


A more personal video

Here's a three-minute, personal share about how this work began after a powerful experience in 1995... and more on what this program covers.


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