Four new immersion classes start this November for new and advanced students!

Fractal Anatomy & The Geometry of Healing

2022 Additional classes and Review!

A Resonance Academy Course from

Meredith Sands Keator

An experiential approach to learn how to troubleshoot your own aches and pains through the understanding of geometry ~ together online!

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Fractal Anatomy
& The Geometry of Healing Review

with Meredith Sands Keator

with special guests, Jonathan Quintin and Marshall Lefferts. 

November 11- December 2nd

Fridays at 12:00-1:30 EST
9-10:30 am PST
5-6 pm GMT

Also live in Australia and New Zealand time zones with additional calls (Saturdays)!

Western Australia: 9 a.m

Eastern Australia: 12 p.m

New Zealand - Aukland time: 2 p.m 
(times may slightly shift due to daylight savings time)

This November Meredith will be hosting four 90-minute (with flexible edges) live zoom classes to take students even more deeply into their own inner geometry.

Travel beyond the mind into the body, release tensions and stress through the fractal understanding of your own anatomy and ask questions throughout as we review the program from beginning to end. 

If you have not bought the program before, now is your chance to dive into this experiential learning environment! 

If you already have the program, you will have the chance to reabsorb the program AND take it directly into your Body in these 4 new classes! 
Click here to see details of the original program - see below for discounts now offered - until November 7th!


"Your work has brought it all together, just like Nassim Haramein's work in physics. I like to think that your work embodies and make experimentally real what Nassim's work describes".

How will this help me? 

Troubleshoot your own aches and pains, increase intuition and creativity, and forge a deeper connection to your inner wisdom. 

Understanding your own anatomy from a fractal perspective means you understand geometry and the oneness philosophy behind it.

Fractal philosophy gets you thinking in pattern, and pattern thinkers are people who see not only the broader perspective of issues, but they think laterally.

Wikipedia says "Lateral thinking is a manner of solving problems using an indirect and creative approach via reasoning that is not immediately obvious".

Lateral thinking means you're thinking 'outside the box', and that kind of thinking is what changes the world we live in. 

Fractal Thinking accentuates this process.

You are already interested in geometry and fractals, the universe and our sacred planet.

That likely also means you understand that the health of the individual is not only a reflection of your health, but that of our world. 

If everyone felt inspired to take care of their health, the world would also look very different. Individual health not only creates a healthier, immediate environment, we have a fractal relationship to the planet. (See Meredith Sands Keator's talk on the Resonance Science Foundation 2019 conference). 

Learning how our cosmological, fractal universe relates to our own bodies is a pivotal step in helping ourselves, and our planet. 

This inner-connected awareness results in empowerment on a personal level by relating to your own body as a conversation rather than just a vehicle we run into the ground while we're here!

On a practical level, it helps you relieve stress and so many common aches and pains, while stoking your creativity and potential. 

If you are interested in learning about how fractals: 

*enhance your own ability to heal 

*increase intuition and

*accelerate creativity

scroll down to view our upcoming addendum program that includes all time zones!

Level One Review:
Enhancing inner vision

Two 90-minute online classes with Meredith Sands Keator, Jonathan Quintin and Marshall Lefferts. 

To get the most out of your inner world, it's important to relate to geometry from an anatomical perspective - and this begins with (interesting!) theory.

This is a great opportunity to review, anchor in your learning and ask all the questions in a live format you desire!

Our special guest, Jonathan Quintin (author of the Universal Order Program), will be with us to answer any of your more technical questions to really dial in 'what is Phi, Pi, Fibonnaci, and how do they all fit together and why'??  

Jonathan will also be offering a brand new presentation on his wonderful visual work of the cosmological order you will not want to miss!

On our second call Marshall Leffert's will be with us to answer questions on the physics side. Marshall breaks down complex concepts easily and beautifully to offer appreciation of the fractal nature of our cosmos - and our bodies!

This all preps us for moving into the body and releasing tensions that need attention!

Level Two Review:
True Embodiment  

Two 90-minute online classes with Meredith Sands Keator

These two calls with Meredith are focussed on finding the inner sensations to your own tension patterns
, releasing stress, and discovering the tensegrity of your own inner wisdom as we move through the information in Level Two.

Meridians, Nadi's, Dantien, the work of Wilhelm Reich and even Kabbalic structure will be discussed.

Meredith is the lineage holder of Somatic Stretch® - a method that approaches the stretch reflex in a different way to enhance mobility by relaxing rather than reaching.   (You can watch a fun video about it here)! We will be using this method to access our fractal anatomy as we stress bust any aches, pains or former injuries. 

Questions can be sent in advance or asked during the calls.

You will relate more easily to common aches and ailments such as neck and shoulder tension, sciatica, low back pain and more.  Whether for yourself or for another, these embodiment classes will offer you great insight into almost any condition while you open the door to the fractal nature of our physiology. 

"Your sharings have offered me the opportunity to open up to yet another deeper layer within the physical body - it's such a magical place that stores a mass amount of information...Thank you for sharing your work and holding such a fun, authentic space of just being". 

Our first call:

We journey into the foundations of the letters of the geometric alphabet!

When I built Fractal Anatomy and the Geometry of Healing I understood the basics but still needed to understand how they all fit together - in some kind of 'linear' fashion my left brain could also understand. 

What is Pi, Phi, and how does it relate to the Fibonacci sequence? 

What do fractals really have to do with not only our cosmos, but our mental habits? 

Jonathan Quintin will also be with us to add clarity to our questions, and he will also offer a visual journey that allows us to bridge the left and right sides of our brains. 

Beginner or advanced visionaries of the geometric world will both gain insight and an opportunity to share their own revelations on this journey! 

Prep time to learn/review the first three sections of the program: Only 1.64 hours!

Our second call: 

Chakras are a term the West is most familiar with, and yet they are more interesting than what is commonly known in the West! 

Chakras are a compilation of thousands of years of varying knowledge from the East - something the West has distilled into its own way of accessing the information on an emotional and physical level. 

They also have a direct correlation to what we are finding in the understanding of 'Singularity' in physics, and here we have an excellent window into seeing how the ancient past meets our current science!

Taking a birds eye view of what we know in physics we can clearly see the fractal relationship to chakras that represent the same energies we are witnessing in the cosmos.

Marshall Lefferts will be with us to enrich the conversation and answer your questions and hear your thoughts.

No prior understanding of physics is needed, and the community conversation will be rich!

Prep time to learn/reveiw the last three lessons of Level One: Only 1.85 hours!

Our third call:

Now we get into your Body! The third and fourth call will be not only theory, but a lot of getting into the intersection points of your inner geometry as we begin to understand why they're there!

I will be sharing real life stories of how this translates to healing from my 30 years of practice as a somatic therapist and formerly trained acupuncturist. 

You will gain a great understanding of Meridians, and how various Eastern energy systems actually relate to one another, and even Western physiology.

This component of the program has 1.5 hours of stretch instruction included, so the Prep time to learn/review the first three sections of Level Two are only a total of 2.5 hours, or only one hour if you choose to do the stretching in the online class and use the program for further review. 

It couldn't be easier to get this understanding into your own Body!

Our fourth call: 

Ever heard of Wilhelm Reich? What about Kundalini?

In this last class we will be going over who Wilhelm Reich was, why his work was revolutionary, and why it still is. 

We will also wander more deeply into the geometry by seeing how his insight into muscular and energetic horizontal flow fits in with the ancient classics we covered in the last class, and contemporary knowledge.

Reich was a visionary in the weaving of East and West ~ even if he was trying to avoid it, and his story and work are essential!

We will be getting into our bodies as we did in the last class, addressing specific issues and how the inner geometry we have proven logically makes sense and how it amplifies your ability to work directly with your own health and healing!

Finally, the concepts of Kundalini, and how these esoteric sciences fit in with the unseen, geometric world will give us a full picture of how East meets West, and Mind meets Body. 

Throughout all classes I will be adding in new material I was unable to include in the online format.

Prep time to learn/review the last classes in Level Two: Only 1.7 hours!

While this information took 25 years to research and compile, you can absorb the entire Fractal Anatomy and Geometry of Healing program in only 6.7 hours

The Fractal Anatomy and Geometry of Healing Program offers an incredible amount of unified information, easily absorbed through short video, audio storytelling, and written components. 

Just as a book can take years to relate one thing to another and then provide a bounty of information under one cover, we bridge ideas over time, compiling them to witness the overall unification of ideas. 

Whether you are new to the Fractal Anatomy and Geometry of Healing program, or already a student, journey with us as we go through the MindBody Matrix, weaving the East and West into a cohesive whole, as wellbeing increases. 

 Click here to see the full, original program we will be covering!

Click below to sample Jonathan's new presentation


Together we will journey through the program, and our bodies, to anchor in the nature of fractals from the inside-out!

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"I can feel, finally, the base of connectedness of this mysterious universal existence within my body where things can be individually recognized as real...I thank you with all my heart. I just feel more Real". 

"WOW — finally someone is speaking in the language I love, and crave, and hardly find in the world. I have been studying all these concepts as well, but you have made a connection, found a secret, and created a method to put those concepts to use for humanity in the NOW." 

Join us in November and December!

Engage your mind, condition your body, and embody your fractal nature!

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"If you have a body, you are the best healer that you know." - Meredith Sands Keator

Meredith Sands Keator
Meredith Sands Keator

Trained in Shiatsu and Acupuncture in the early 90’s, Meredith teaches accelerated healing skills to Somatic therapists of all modalities to increase treatment results through more direct access to the nervous system.

A pioneer in the field of Eastern and Western integrative sciences, she has developed Neural Resonance Therapy®, a therapeutic approach to the nervous system viewed as frequency, and how that frequency is better understood and accessed through a lens of geometry.

Working within the company of cutting edge healers, physicists and cosmologists, Meredith has unearthed an understanding of geometric precision in the body that appears to mirror the information we are currently witnessing in the universe on a fractal and holographic level.

Her research in this field since 1996 has taken her to many parts of the globe, where she meets, learns and shares the work of remarkable practitioners and teachers from different modalities and cultures. 

Pursuing a strong collective within the healing arts to raise awareness around the integration of alternative and allopathic practices is her life’s work.


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