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New Study Describes Invariance of the Correlation Structure of Grid Cell Modules in a Manifold with Toroidal Topology

 By: William Brown, Biophysicist at the Resonance Science Foundation

The part of our brain that is responsible for coding memories—the hippocampal formation— has a complex and specialized system of cells that continuously updates position and direction, generating cognitive maps of our surroundings as we navigate the world. New research published in the journal Nature has shown that the joint activity of neuronal cells that form spatial mapping circuits reside on a toroidal manifold, such that positions on the torus correspond to positions of the environment through which an individual is moving [1].

Neurological studies have shown that the hippocampal formation, which includes the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex, contains a diverse array of cell types that support spatial navigation and memory. A key component of this system is the hippocampal place cell, which encodes an animal’s presence at a particular spatial location to support navigation and encoding...

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