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Measurement of Time Using the Wave-like Nature Emerging from Quantum States of Rydberg Atoms

Credit: NIST  

By Amal Pushp, Affiliate Physicist at the Resonance Science Foundation  

One of the aspects of nature that has fascinated thinkers for centuries is time. Luminary physicist Isaac Newton considered time to be an absolute entity i.e., the same for all places in the universe and independent of observers. This notion was very crucial for the advent of Newtonian mechanics. The concept of absolute time paves the way for another term called absolute space, which according to Newtonian conviction are two separate facets of objective reality not dependent on each other. However, this idea about time and space underwent a major alteration after Einstein came up with his influential theory of relativity, which changed the very foundations of how we thought of time, space and their interactions with physical events.  

Time, which is regarded as a fourth dimension after the introduction of Einstein’s relativity theory, generally...

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