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Continuous Merging of Strange Attractors’ Multifractal Structure Found to Underlie Synchronization in Chaotic Systems

By: William Brown, Biophysicist at the Resonance Science Foundation

A chaotic dynamics is typically characterized by the emergence of strange attractors with their fractal or multifractal structure. On the other hand, chaotic synchronization is a unique emergent self-organization phenomenon in nature [1].

Complex systems are, by their intrinsic nature, immensely challenging to describe and delineate scientifically. Of particular interest in understanding their uniquely chaotic behavior is how synchronization and self-organization emerge from such systems, as is often observed [2,3]. For instance, synchronization underlies numerous collective phenomena— providing a scaffold for emergent behaviors— ranging from the acoustic unison of cricket choruses and the coordinated choreography of starling flocks to human cognition, perception, memory and consciousness phenomena [4-6]. As the authors— a group of physicists from Bar–Ilan University in Israel—...

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