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Empirically Derived Limit on Variations in the Fine-structure Constant

The physical constant alpha (α) has been described as one of the greatest mysteries of physics. Now, new measurements and analysis of spectra from Sun-like stars have produced the most precise astronomical test of alpha and hence potential locational variability in the strength of the electromagnetic interaction with charged particles. 

By: William Brown, scientist at the Resonance Science Foundation


How Constant are the Physical Constants of Nature?

Although the forces and physical constants of Nature have been measured and characterized to an astonishing level of precision, some big questions remain: what fundamental aspects of the universe give rise to the laws of Nature? Are the laws set from the beginning by some as-of-yet unidentified intrinsic and indelible relationship or mechanism, producing the seemingly fine-tuned physical parameters that give rise to organized matter and life? Are they immutable in time and space, or do they vary in...

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Galactic Engines

Active galactic nuclei feedback drives the formation and evolution of galaxies
By RSF scientists Dr. Inés Urdaneta, Amal Pushp (affiliate researcher), and William Brown

For over 25 years physicist Nassim Haramein has been describing primordial black holes as the organizational nuclei of physical systems across scale, from the micro to the cosmological. The reasoning is straight-forward, black holes function as the organizational nucleus for organized matter because they are engines of mass-energy generation and their spin—we discuss this in detail in a later section regarding the Haramein-Rauscher spacetime metric—produces a highly coherent region of quantized spacetime that has a specific ordering parameter. This applies for organized matter across scale—see Haramein’s paper on a Scaling law for Organized Matter [1]—from particles [2-4], to planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe itself [5]. Within the last few decades, in verification of...

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