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Quantum Origin of Human Consciousness Gets Preliminary Experimental Support!

By Dr. Ines Urdaneta / Physicist and Research Scientist at Resonance science Foundation

Experimental evidence of quantum behavior in neural microtubules could support Penrose and Hameroff’s hypothesis that consciousness originates in the microtubules of the neurons, as described by their theory called Orchestrated objective reduction (Orch -OR). 

In former RSF articles [1,2,3], biophysicist William Brown had addressed the Orchestrated objective reduction theory (Orch OR), originally proposed by physicist Roger Penrose and anaesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, in the 1990.

As William Brown brilliantly explains [1]:

“One of the key features of Hameroff’s and Penrose’ theory is called Orchestrated Objective Reduction (Orch-OR), in which it is theorized that the state vector (the wavefunction that describes a particle) of delocalized free electrons within tubulin undergoes an observer-independent reduction (an objective versus subjective collapse of the...

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