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Experiment Generates Particles from the Vacuum

Black Hole Physics of Particle Creation Mimicked in Table-top experiment with Graphene: Experiment Verifies Long-standing Prediction of Using the Electric Field to Generate Particles from the Quantum Vacuum

By: William Brown, scientist at the Resonance Science Foundation

The Quantum Vacuum—Ubiquitous Mass-energy of Space

There is a hypothetical state of space referred to in physics as the vacuum. The idea of the vacuum is a completely empty space devoid of any matter, energy, or forces. This state is hypothetical because it does not exist anywhere in nature. The reason for this is that the very fabric of the universe, space, is a substantive medium, a sea of energy. In fact, the preeminent physicist Paul Dirac— known for the Dirac equation, an extension of the Schrodinger equation that is consistent with special relativity— posited that the vacuum must be filled with an infinite sea of negative energy electrons (see also his fascinating work on the large...

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