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Geometrical understanding of entropy!

Image: Ari Weinkle for Quanta Magazine

By physicist Dr. Ines Urdaneta and biophycisist William Brown, research scientists at Resonance Science Foundation

In a former RSF article by biophysicist William Brown and astrophysicist Dr. Amira Val Baker, entitled “The morphogenetic field is real and these scientists show how to use it to understand Nature”, they address the work from Chris Jeynes and Michael Parker, published in Nature 2019, which concludes that there seems to be a field of information-entropy responsible for shaping the micro (DNA strands) up to the cosmological scale (spiral galaxies like the Spira Mirabilis, a double logarithmic spiral). This field of information would give a theoretical support to what biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake would call, the morphogenic field!  

In the case of the galaxies, Jeynes’ and Parker’s calculations show that the postulation of dark matter (which has not been detected yet) is superfluous, since the entropic...

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