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Fractal Behavior Found in High Energy Collisions and Bose Einstein Condensate Formation!

By Inés Urdaneta, Physicist at Resonance Science Foundation

In recent years, an extraordinary and unexpected feature in high energy collisions (collisions of subatomic particles at extremely speeds, performed mainly at CERN) has surprised the physicists working on the nucleonic scale: a fractal pattern that had been observed intermittently in high energy experimental data (particularly in the behavior of the particle multiplicity against the collision energy), can be accounted for by the Yang-Mills Field (YMF) equations, which recently have been shown to present fractal structure, as claimed by the authors of the study.  

These theories that apply to subatomic particles, such as protons, electrons and quarks, belong to the category of distinguishable particles called fermions, and the way these particles distribute in different energy levels (also known as states) is described by Fermi Dirac Statistics. Fermi Dirac statistics is commonly replaced by the classical...

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