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Study Demonstrates that Meditation Reorganizes the Brain’s Spatial Topography

By: William Brown, scientist at the Resonance Science Foundation

Spatial Topography of the Brain

A meta-analysis of magnetic resonance imaging data of neuronal activity in advanced meditation practitioners has discovered a reorganization of information processing topography in which brain regions involved in present-awareness have increased activity while ego-centric and subject-object (discriminatory) neuronal information processing layers are mitigated [1]. The researchers identify the neural correlates associated with the feeling of unity of experience—a state that advanced meditation practitioners can experience, often described as a non-dual state of experience that does not maintain the strong distinction between self-other or subject-object information, but rather a unified experience of oneness, or singularity.

The study is based on Qin et al.’s (2020) neural model (Linking bodily, environmental and mental states in the self—A...

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