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An Eventful Horizon

Scientists utilize elements of the Haramein Quantum Gravity Holographic Solution to solve the Black Hole Information Loss Paradox

By: William Brown, scientist at the Resonance Science Foundation

In our quotidian experience the feature of spacetime locality seems to be an indelible feature of a rational reality; the idea that effects follow their causes, which we know from special relativity requires that no signal or information travel faster than the speed of light. If a signal were to travel faster than the speed of light, an effect might precede its cause—so for instance a superluminal spaceship could make a roundtrip voyage and return to a frame-of-reference where it had not yet departed. The problem with locality, no matter how indelible it seems to our rational, is that both quantum physics and relativity theory have properties that seemingly permit non-local interactions: in the former there are Einstein Podolsky Rosen (EPR) correlations, and in the latter, there...

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