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Life Giving Black Holes

by Dr. Amira Val Baker, Resonance Science Foundation Research Scientist

Those hungry, all devouring black holes may in fact be much more generous than we have been led to believe.

Black holes are often given bad press. This, however, is not indicative to their true nature, which is in fact quite stable. A team of scientists are now looking to do away with all the bad press and have proposed that black holes are in fact life givers.

Traditionally when thinking about life in the universe – other than our own – we look to stars and something known as the Goldilocks zone. Like its namesake, the Goldilocks zone is not too hot and not too cold – it’s just right. That is, the temperature is just right for liquid water and thus life to exist. Albeit, these assumptions about what is just right for life to exist are just that –assumptions – based on what we know as life.

It is now known that the central nuclei of galaxies are home to a super massive black...

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Black holes – to be or not to be?

by Dr. Amira Val Baker, Resonance Science Foundation Research Scientist 

Those enigmatic black holes that lead to places unknown may not be what we thought they were – or at least that’s what some scientists think.

Since first proposed in 1784 by John Mitchell and their prediction in 1915 by Einstein’s theory of general relativity, evidence supporting the idea of black holes has continued to be found.

Described as infinitely dense points in space time – where not even light can escape – the presence of a black hole is thus inferred from the gravitational effects on the surrounding material. But what if something else – other than a black hole – could produce these same effects?

Such a question was addressed in two recent papers by a team of scientists at the University of Hawaii. They consider the consequences of replacing all black holes with a class of objects with ‘dark energy’ interiors known as Generic Objects of Dark...

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Mammalian Skull Morphology Converges on the Golden Ratio in Humans

faculty article Oct 07, 2019
by William Brown, Resonance Science Foundation Research Scientist

The Golden Ratio (Phi, or φ = 1.618. . .) is a unifying quantity of structure and function in nature as it underlies morphogenesis in living organisms as well as in many other naturally occurring phenomena. The ratio can be observed by taking a line and dividing it into two unequal parts, with the length of the longer part divided by the shorter length being equal to the entire length divided by the longer part. This will always yield the Golden Ratio, and structures that obey this partitioning are ordered based on the Phi proportion.

The unification of quantity of structure with function in the Phi ratio is most evident by its reoccurrence in human anatomy and physiology. Now in a new comprehensive study performed at John Hopkins, researchers have found that the human skull dimensions follow the Golden Ratio, and what is most remarkable is that in other related mammalian species the skull morphologies diverge...

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Repulsive Casimir Effect!

 Credit: Image courtesy of Alan Stonebraker, American Physical Society.

By Dr. Inés Urdaneta / Physicist at Resonance Science Foundation

In a series of articles, we have addressed the measurable macroscopic effect coming from the microscopic vacuum fluctuations. The Casimir effect has proven to not only attract fixed or moving plates of the same material located micrometers apart, but it also has a measurable impact in nanoparticles.

In former works, the Casimir effect had been held responsible for the forces and torsional effects measured. This time it surprises us with a measured  and theoretically explained repulsive force.

Only attractive interactions had been measured so far, but according to theoretical predictions, the sign and hence direction of the force could change from attractive to repulsive depending on the material and configuration of the setup. This had been achieved experimentally in 2009 by Capasso et al., from Harvard University, by choosing a...

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Unexpected Dip in Gamma Rays from the Sun

by Dr. Amira Val Baker, Resonance Science Foundation Astrophysicist

The sun radiates at a range of energies from the high-energy range to the low-energy range. However, new data, spanning this broad energy range, reveals just how much we don’t know about our own star.

The gamma-rays we observe from the Sun are thought to be due to the interactions of hadronic cosmic rays with the solar atmosphere. Although gamma rays are produced in the solar interior, they are thought to leave the sun as much lower energy waves due to scattering effects. Back in 1991 David Seckel, Todor Stanev and Thomas Gaisser thus proposed that cosmic rays from outer space would be turned around or “mirrored” before entering the sun, thus emerging as a faint glow of gamma-rays. However, the underlying mechanism responsible for the production of these gamma rays is not fully understood – all that is known is that its efficiency must be enhanced by magnetic field interactions. Read more ...

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The Morphogenic Field is Real and These Scientists Show How to Use It to Understand Nature

by William Brown & Dr. Amira Val Baker, RSF Research Scientists

In a new study, Chris Jeynes and Michael Parker pose the question: How does nature produce such stunning symmetry and order in many systems observed across enormous scales? Under the microscope, a snowflake shows intricate patterning and remarkable symmetry, and in a telescope the same is observed for spiral galaxies up to half a million light years across.

Both of these systems are made of innumerable subunits (be they water molecules or stars and planets) which should behave completely oblivious to the overall configuration of the conglomerate. That is to say, the behavior of these systems at the scales that matter—the fundamental units of which they are composed— should be completely random aside from some formative causation arising from intermolecular or inter-gravitational interactions, which are not long-range.

The question then becomes what is the causative ordering parameters that results in...

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Resonance Science Foundation Research Published in Journal of NeuroQuantology

press Aug 26, 2019
by Resonance Science Foundation

New research by William Brown, notable biophysicist, addresses the role of consciousness in the universe.

Orange County, CA – August 27, 2019 – Resonance Science Foundation announced the publication of a research paper by resident biophysicist William Brown in the Volume 17, No 7 edition of the Journal of NeuroQuantology, an Interdisciplinary Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics. The paper, titled, “Unified Physics and the Entanglement Nexus of Awareness,” proposes a deeper understanding of the correlation between internal processes of the neurobiological system, which ostensibly generate the subjective qualia of experiential awareness, and the external environment which is comprised of objective phenomena.

The paper highlights the fact that there has been a general exclusion of developing the science of consciousness and explaining the nature, source, and role of consciousness in the universe. The paper discusses the...

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The Mathematics of Relationships, AI and Human Eco space

by Johanna Deinert, Resonance Science Foundation Research Scientist

“Category theory provides a structural framework for mathematics and is on its way to becoming a language for consciousness in the universe.” Learn how it relates to Haramein’s Holofractal Universe.

Forbes Magazine recently shed light on the fact that “there is a growing belief that the current understanding of science cannot wholly explain human life, mind, and consciousness, nor can it explain the nature and origin of life, matter, the environment, the universe and reality“. It summarizes a podcast held by the Author Jayshree Pandya called Risk Roundup, where she discussed Category Theory for application in cyberspace, aquaspace, geospace and space (CAGS) with Mathematical Physicist and Professor of Mathematics Dr. Baez.

Beyond doubt, the human body is an open system, so physical laws that do require a closed system, are applicable only under certain conditions – a mathematical...

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Patterns of water in light: optical solitons observed in non-linear medium

by William Brown, Resonance Science Foundation Biophysicist

Researchers studying the wave propagation of light in nonlocal, nonlinear media have observed that it behaves the same as waves in water. The researchers observed optical soliton interactions that produce complex waveforms. A soliton or solitary wave is a self-reinforcing wave packet that maintains its shape while it propagates at a constant velocity.

A soliton is a unique kind of wave that is much more stable than ordinary waves and can propagate for long distances, so much so that even after collisions these solitary waves continue propagating nearly unperturbed. Soliton waves can often be observed naturally occurring in shallow areas of water, and indeed, in the latest study, researchers demonstrated that the same equation—the Kadomtsev-Petvishvili II equation—that models water solution interactions can also be used to model optical solution interactions in the exact same way, revealing that the same wave...

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The Conscious Field, ARK Crystals, & the Hollow Earth

press Aug 20, 2019

Resonance Science Foundation Director of Research, Nassim Haramein, joins The Higherside Chats to talk about his holofractal Unified Field Theory, consciousness, ARK Crystals, and why he suspects the earth is hollow and growing among many other topics... Read more.

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