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About the UFO Hearings Part I: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

By Inés Urdaneta, Physicist at Resonance Science Foundation

The existence of Extraterrestrial intelligent life has been one of the most intriguing and controversial topics for humankind. And something remarkable is happening at this moment: since may 2022 the hearings concerning UFO phenomena are being held. Meanwhile, we are witnessing changes in the mainstream narrative, particularly in USA, to the point where known physicists such as Michio Kaku (who is the most important science disseminator, together with Neil de Grasse) admits their probable existence. His main argument: some unidentified flying objects defy our current laws of physics.

Among the extraordinary features that these objects present, the most outstanding ones, are:

1) Anti-gravity lift: these objects have been sighted overcoming the earth’s gravity with no visible means of propulsion. They also lack any flight surfaces, such as wings. As an example, in the Nimitz incident, witnesses describe the crafts as tubular, shaped like a Tic Tac candy.

Similar shaped objects have been observed coming in or out of craters, or moving very close to them, such as this case near the active Fire Volcano, in Colima state, captured by Webcams de Mexico (that monitors volcanic activities in Mexico).

July 6, 2015.-A strange light moving from right to left was captured by fixed cameras of Webcams in Mexico recording the activity of the Colima Volcano of Fire.

2) Sudden and instantaneous acceleration: The objects accelerate or change direction so quickly that no human pilot could survive the gravitational forces, they would be crushed. In the Nimitz incident, radar operators say they tracked one of the UFOs as it dropped from the sky at more than 30 times the speed of sound. David Fravor, commander of the Black Aces squadron and the Nimitz-based fighter pilot who was sent to intercept one of the objects, described its rapid side-to-side movements, later captured on infrared video, to that of a ping-pong ball. 

3) Hypersonic velocities without signatures: Many UFO accounts note the lack of signatures like vapor trails and sonic booms, which should be present when an aircraft travels faster than the speed of sound.

4) Low observability, or cloaking: getting a clear and detailed view of them—either through pilot sightings, radar or other means—remains difficult. Witnesses generally only see the glow or haze around them.

5) Trans-medium travel: Some UFO (now called Unidentified Aerial phenomena or UAP) have been seen moving easily in and between different physical mediums, such as space, the earth’s atmosphere and even water. In the Nimitz incident, USS Princeton radar operator Gary Vorhees confirmed from a Navy sonar operator in the area that day that a craft was moving faster than 70 knots, roughly two times the speed of nuclear subs.

Photo shot of video showing encounter between a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet and an unknown object. It was released by the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

The most reasonable explanation for these kinds of phenomena would be secret technologies, which could mean that there are different laws on physics, more efficient ones, than the current theories taught at schools and universities. This possibility raises serious concerns because it means that vital resources (private funds, brilliant minds engaged, time, taxes) are wasted in an obsolete science, to create expired technologies such as new hadron colliders, etc. How would the new science impact our understanding about the nature of reality? The economic and political implications of such advanced technologies, that maybe include new medical approaches being kept secret, could qualify as a crime against humanity.

Additionally, how could the testimonies be explained in periods where sightings happened much before we had reached any remote state of high-tech development?

As intriguing as UAP, are the crop circle formations that appear in England regularly since the 1970’s. The crop circle phenomenon can be traced back as far as 1590 with a document referring to strange shapes appearing in wheat fields. The Mowing-Devil pamphlet of 1690 also referred to a farmer's field being inexplicably mowed in the night.

The most intriguing phenomena is not the form of the crop circle per se, which can be extraordinary complex, but the electromagnetic and chemical signatures that are found in those formations. They started appearing often and growing in complexity, when two men claimed their authorship in 1991. As reports the New York times “Doug Bower, then 67, and his friend Dave Chorley, 62, admitted to a reporter, Graham Brough, that in the late 1970s they had begun using planks of wood with ropes attached to each end to stamp circles in crops by holding the ropes in their hands and pressing the planks underfoot. They had then watched with amusement as their anonymous antics eventually attracted media attention and began being copied by imitators around the world.”

Nevertheless, the crop circles Doug and Dave made “live” as to prove their authorship, were too simple and lacked many of the unexplained features that experts on the topic have found inside the formations. For instance, the wheat rapes of the original crop circles are bent, not broken -as in Dave and Doug’s case-, and studies on them have shown that this type of behavior seems to come from some kind of microwave heating from the inside out, like if it was “steamed in the place” as explained in this documentary. Therefore, the crops are not damaged in any sense, they can flower and keep growing.


To explain these outstanding features, Michio Kaku replied much later, in 2011, that probably those effects were due to the hoaxers using microwave ovens during the crop formations. In response to such kind of claims, people that have studied the phenomena for almost 30 years, like Andy Thomas, say “If you want to be skeptical or try to debunk me, that’s fine, but do it based on the evidence. Don’t do it based on some opinion from someone you heard on the Tv or so. Get informed, look at all the evidence, spend 27 years looking at it, as I have, and then we can debate, and all is fair and square”.    

With respect to physiological effects on the body, many of the people visiting the sites usually report twinkling running on arms and legs, almost as cramps, and headaches, from mild to strong, while being inside the formations. Witnesses that visit the sites have claimed that technological devices such as cameras and batteries fail while being in the interior of the formation, due to what has been claimed as a residual electromagnetic field interfacing with the devices. And chemical effects, or even changes that could be due to DNA modifications, could maybe explain the differences in texture and taste, between the bread made out of regular wheat (the one picked out from the outside of the formations) and the one coming from the formation itself, as this other documentary shows.

On the internet we find some testimonies of pilots stating that some crop circles appear in matter of minutes in plain daylight; they fly over a region and on their way back some 15 minutes after, the formation if suddenly below (videos are no longer available, or very hard to find). The apparition in such time-frames and in plain daylight, agrees with this original footage below, where one sees a crop circle being made in less than a minute by light orbs; therefore becoming part of the unidentified Aerial Phenomena spectra.

For more information about the video, please see this second here, where it is also mentioned that in at least 20% of the crop circle formations, unidentified Aerial Phenomena has been witnessed.

Such was the case of the person interviewed in this documentary, a researcher on the crop circle phenomena who claims seeing these light orbs hovering above him, while he was standing inside one of the crop circles.

Given the recent developments about the UAP happening now at the North American Congress, it would not be outrageous then to say that we could be closer to a real explanation concerning the incredible formations and effects found in crop circles, some of which we show below:

For more about these remarkable sites, see the 10 most incredible crop circles, where you can learn about one of the most famous crop circles, the one alluding to Carl Sagan’s Arecibo message. This controversial event has been perceived by many, as a real ET contact.


Carl Sagan's Arecibo message in 1974 and its reply in 2001.

There are countless testimonies of people all around the globe, including military, sharing their experience; encounters of the first, second and third kind that we address in a following article About the UAP Hearings II: Verified Testimonies of Direct Encounters and Witnesses.

All these pieces, when placed together, can change our perspective. A larger picture starts to reveal before our eyes ,.. Stay Tuned!



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