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Waterconference 2018

By Johanna Deinert, Resonance Science Foundation Research Scientist

Chairman Dr. Gerald Pollack from University of Washington, Seattle, opened the lectures by presenting Nobel Laureate Prof. Luc Montagnier. Co-founder of the World Foundation for Medical Research and Prevention. He introduced a highly sensitive method for detecting infections like Lyme, when usual Lab tests like serology and classical PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) fail. QuanticPCR uses the unique properties of water to store or even amplify specific pathogen-derived frequencies and is proving experimental evidence for the homeopathic principle of diluting without dilution of the contained information. The mechanism how PCR exactly works is commonly known to be not well understood. Giuseppe Vitiello presented a way to describe the bio-chemical reaction and its basics in physical terms.

We have recently posted news about the vaporization of water droplets and their unique shapes. In these kinds of experiments, a huge difference can be seen in different individuals making the droplets. Masaru Emoto is also known for visualizing the structuring of water under different external influences. We are interested in the mechanism of information transfer to water and found in our research on the ARKCrystals that even short contact of water with the crystals has a significant impact on plant growth and vitality. TorusTech Labs presented the scientific findings on a poster at the conference and even reproduced the measurements on impedance in a live workshop.

  1. “Without water, there is no life…” Gerald Pollack, PhD, 2016 and “The quality of Water is important for life, it is a human right and should not be allowed to be distributed under corporate interests” Giuseppe Vitellio, 2018
  1. Most of the lectures given supported the concept of “Memory of Water”. However, the detectability of this memory, with physical or chemical methods, is topic of a huge discussion. Most researchers found stable electromagnetic changes/signals for not more than days. However, my clinical experience contradicts these measurements and the Space Memory Network would allow for a much more long-lasting entanglement and information exchange of protons to specific frequencies/harmonies. Further experiments on the clinical observations are needed.
  2. There seems to be confusion about the homeopathic term “succussion”, which is translated as shaking. The founder of Homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann discovered an effect due to the succussion of the diluted samples. When you take a bottle with water and you kind of slam it with the bottom on a leather saddle, you can monitor a perfect vorticular motion in the liquid afterwards, holding it still while the water spirals. Prof. Montagnier showed two conditions needed for the induction of information transfer in watery dilutions: an ambient electromagnetic field and a vorticular agitation. I would like to point out that we might have gotten lost in translation here, and that succussion may be the simplest way to agitate your drinking water in the proximity of the ARK Crystal. A scientific evaluation would be great on this unifying hypothesis.

Author: Dr. Johanna Deinert, MD, RSF-Team

Titel: Slide from Nobel Laureate Prof. Luc Montagniers lecture at the conference

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