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Transformational Medicine and Resonating Frequencies in Cancer

biophysics science news Oct 23, 2018
Article by Johanna Deinert, Resonance Science Foundation Research Scientist

In search of a cure against cancer patient voice Bonnie J. Addario called out at Forbes for a new paradigm called Transformational Medicine. It is about the Information flow in academic and pharmaceutical efforts to find cures. Currently, the standard of “translational medicine” has a one way information flow in exchange for individual-data, she states. The Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, launched one of the first patient-driven, advocacy campaigns in lung cancer research. “Patients should be driving the research together with pharmaceutical companies and academia, because the cure lies with the patient” says the board member of the Personalized Medicine Coalition. 

Instead of one-way flow of information, we can institute Transformational Medicine, where all parties collaborate. The patient is involved at the beginning in clinical trial design, and the information flows both ways: from patient to research, and back again. If researchers developed trials with patients in mind, patients would join in greater numbers. And if we could raise participation in clinical trials from 4% to 50%, treatments and cures would likely come much faster. Patients are at the center of the fight. So why aren’t patients also at the center of the research battle? – Bonnie J. Addario

Early this year Prof. Dirk Meijer and Hans Geesink (see also this News Post) published their meta-analysis on Favourable and Unfavourable EMF Frequency Patterns in Cancer: Perspectives for Improved Therapy and Prevention in the Journal of Cancer Therapy. They explain the finding of a fractal pattern of 12 beneficial (anti-cancer) frequencies, and 12 detrimental (cancer promoting) frequencies, that can be musically scaled along all ranges of frequencies. A cure could lie in the exposure to coherent type of EM fields.

Stabilization of the disease can be understood by constructive resonance of macromolecules in the cancer cell with the externally applied coherent EMF field frequencies, called solitons/polarons. The latter, for instance, have been shown earlier to induce repair in DNA/RNA conformation and/or epigenetic changes. – Dirk Meijer and Hans Geesink

However, the dream of a free information flow in feed-back/feed-forward loops is dependent on the availability of information. Journalist Sharyl Attkisson tells in her TED Talk about the pitfalls and quality of information, with respect to astroturf methodology. We learned the hard way, how information distribution campaigns serve corporate interests.

Anyway, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has remarkable overlaps with cutting edge physical science and according to a metaanalysis by Junchao Chen in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine clinical studies in this field are trending (See Review here). Meijer and Geesink found a correlation of Pythagorean de-tuning and cancer developement (PDF).
The question arises: have we gained momentum to start explaining these old healing methods from a unified science perspective? The more you know…

Author: Dr. Johanna Deinert (MD), RSF-Team

Research Article: Meijer, D.K.F. and Geesink, H.J.H. (2018) Favourable and Unfavourable EMF Frequency Patterns in Cancer: Perspectives for Improved Therapy and Prevention. Journal of Cancer Therapy, 9, 188-230.

Picture of Titel: Meijer & Geesink (2018), Soliton Propagation (Fig. 1)



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