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Origins of Quantumbiology – What is Life?

By Dr. Johanna Deinert, MD, RSF Research Scientist

By the end of 2018 the Royal Society has published a review into the emergence of Quantumbiology as a field of scientific interest. Today, we still need to understand life in the context of its physical environment. Despite the impression this field was new, it emerged in synchronicity with the interpretation of Quantum Physics in the early 20th century – about 90 years ago.

Erwin Schrödinger was not the first to discuss the field of Quantumbiology in his famous 1944 book „What is life?”. Shortly after the mathematical framework of Quantum Mechanics was established in 1927, the field of biophysics and biochemistry flourished. The Organicists sought the middle ground between opposing mechanistic and vitalistic worldviews. Founder of the interdisciplinary field of General System Theory Ludwig von Bertalanffy was one of the early pioneers into the explanation of life. As early as 1928 he discusses a „Critical Theory of Morphogenesis“, an issue that still causes scientific debate.

„… the development of the atomic theory has… first of all given us a recognition of laws which cannot be included within the frame formed by our accustomed modes of perception; the lessons we have learned by the discovery of the quantum of action open up to us new prospects which may perhaps be of decisive importance, particularly in the discussion of the position of living organisms in our picture of the world. [24]“ Nils Bohr, 1929.

On British Ilse’s the Camebridge Theoretical Biology Club was established in 1932 and the members dedicated their meetings to the effort, of nothing less than solving „The Great Problem“ – whether life could be explained via the actions of atoms and molecules. Now sound evidence of quantum coherence in photosynthesis and quantum tunneling in enzyme exists.

Read more at Royal Society Article

RSF in Perspective: Our solution to the vacuum catastrophe bridges a 122 orders of magnitude divide between current Nuclear- and Astrophysics. In-between, life happens with incredible complexity. We are convinced many physiological processes involve high energy physics, like the spinning ATP-Synthase on the inner surface of our mitochondria. Our plant experiments suggest the Holographic Flux Resonator and the Advanced Resonance Technology do have a positive influence on the vitality of plants. Explaining the How, with Nassim Haramein’s theory applied, will be our future endeavor.


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