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Alan Green is a British-born, classically-trained pianist, composer, author, educator, and Shakespeare Authorship expert.

In an earlier incarnation (the 70’s and 80’s) he was signed to five major record labels including Arista Records, ABC, and CBS (with whom he had a top thirty hit, I Surrender, under the pseudonym, Arlan Day, in 1981). He later became musical director for Davy Jones of The Monkees for several years and co-author with Jones of two best-selling, award-winning books, They Made A Monkee Out Of Me and Mutant Monkees.

In his ‘current incarnation’ however, Green has found his true vocation — revealing to the world utterly unsuspected mathematical and geometric secrets behind the Shakespeare mystery. His first academic offering, Dee-Coding Shakespeare, (2016), detailed the role of Dr. John Dee, alchemist, court astrologer, and leading mathematician/cryptographer of the age, in the greatest literary cover-up of all time.


His most recent offerings (from 2016 to 2020) have bridged the worlds of Nassim Haramein and Robert Edward Grant to show that the Bard was far more than the world has ever suspected. 

Green’s completely new website will soon launch an App (The GAME) distilling sixteen+ years research into a compelling, entertaining puzzle. So stay tuned. The greatest story Shakespeare ever wrote… is yet to be told!