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Unified Science Course



A scientific worldview shift of this magnitude radically changes the way we see ourselves, the cosmos and our place in the universe.

The dedicated exploration and application of a connected universe worldview is essential now. We believe that it is through alignment with the unified field that we open access to our vast potential as individuals and as a species.

The Resonance Academy is dedicated to advancing this alignment and empowering our growing learning community to accelerate and optimize our individual and collective impact.


Unified Science Course
Exploring the Connected Universe

Your learning journey with the Resonance Academy begins with the Unified Science Course. This core course offers a comprehensive and inspiring introduction to unified physics and the science behind the connected universe worldview. We explore its roots, its current application and its vast potential. Understanding the scientific principles of connectedness can have a profound effect on our everyday lives and on the world around us.

The Unified Science Course is based on Nassim Haramein's 30+ years of research and development of his unified field theory. 

Featuring insights from Academy Faculty and researchers, the six modules take each student on their own journey in understanding the dynamics of the connected universe.



Explore the core concepts of unified physics, the holographic principle, current and emerging views in science, the historical roots of modern physics and the research of pioneers such as Einstein, Tesla, Fuller and Bohm.

Module 1 Worldview Shift

This module explores how humans have viewed the world at different points in history, and distinguishes between two types of worldviews: disconnected and connected.

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Module 2 Thinking Differently

This module covers the innovative thinkers throughout history that have challeneged current worldviews and pioneered new ways of thinking. Explore their processes, methods and insights.

Module 3 Modern Physics

This module reviews the history of modern physics and the major breakthroughs in thinking that have shaped our society, technology, and modern perception of reality. It also explores some of the assumptions inherent in many modern physics theories, and uncovers major problems with current leading theories in physics.


Module 4 Unified Physics

The new views of today. A connected universe. Action and reactions across the universe. All things are communicating in a connected view and worldview.

Module 5 Ancient Origins

Module 5 explores the roots of Unified Physics in ancient cultures all over the world. Discover keys that suggest a global civilization not currently covered in our academic history books, and the advanced technologies and knowledge they may have held.


Module 6 Implications & Applications

The final module takes us to the cutting edge of technology and consciousness, and beyond. Explore the powerful implications of applied Unified Physics and discover the potential future of human life in the cosmos.

Module 7 New Advances in Unified Physics

Continuing on from the Holographic Mass Solution to the proton, Module 7 explores the Holographic Mass Solution to the electron - a vital step to extending the quantum gravitational and Holographic Mass Solution to unify the description of organized matter across all scales, bringing us closer to a complete unification of science.


Follow Nassim Haramein's journey of discovery and the profound shift that unified physics brings, both in consciousness and in technological innovation.

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